Useful additional functions in dehumidifiers

There are several basic characteristics and parameters that are considered when choosing dehumidifiers. These are the key values on which the purchase of the right and completely suitable devices for specific requirements is based. These are not the only characteristics that require attention, though.

But there are also additional options. This is how the manufacturer is trying to expand the functionality of their devices, to make them even more useful and attractive to the customer.

Some functions are objectively unnecessary. The buyer does not use them, but noticeably overpays when buying them. And there are options that can be rightly considered useful, and sometimes even necessary.

Useful extras

Let's take a look at some interesting features that are optional for dehumidifiers. They can also be found on Seavon dehumidifiers, which you can find out more about at

  • Ionizer. Fills the air in the room with ozone. It improves the microclimate and makes the air clean and healthy. It is recommended to have this function. Especially for children;
  • Level indicator in the tank. Indicates when the condensate tank is almost full. In this way it is possible to drain the water in time. The option is unnecessary if a drainage system is connected to the dehumidifier;
  • Removable type filter. Allows you to clean the filter regularly and maintain a high level of air quality. Filters accumulate dust and dirt. There are also disposable filters. They should be changed once every 1 to 3 months;
  • Automatic start. Or restart. Useful feature in those homes where power may be periodically or quite often cut off. This way you don't have to start the dehumidifier manually every time;
  • Built-in timer. Helps make it easier to start at the right time. You can even set a schedule to turn on the dehumidifier;
  • Special types of filters. These are mainly UV filters and charcoal filters. They clean the air, eliminate unpleasant odors. Useful function for children's rooms and for people who suffer from allergies.

As you can see, there are many really useful and necessary features.

And you decide which of them are needed in your dehumidifier. The most important thing is that the dehumidifier should be suitable in its performance characteristics and perform its tasks well.

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